10 Tips To Improve Your Child’s Concentration And Focus

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Most kids lose focus while doing their school work, and it is quite natural. Often, even adults find it hard to concentrate but get their focus back at a moment’s notice. However, with kids, special exercises are needed. 

Here we give you the 10 most effective ways to increase their concentration and focus:

1. Prepare Them Mentally

Make your children sit down to finish the homework at the same time every day. This cultivates a habit in them and subconsciously, they get ready to do their tasks. Preparing them for a recurring schedule makes their minds accustomed to the timings. They will be more willing to learn during those particular hours of the day. 

2. Make The Work Seem Fun

One of the main reasons kids lose their attention is that their work can be boring. The tasks might be too simple or not so challenging. If you make their study time even a teensy bit fun, they will stop feeling so pressurized. Allow them to steal away a few minutes and have fun; for example, you may let them read fun stories or listen to melodious music. 

3. Split The Assignments

Divide the work into bite-sized assignments and let them finish each bit at their own pace. A lump sum task might seem like a Goliath, but it will be easier for them to focus when you split it into smaller, manageable tasks. You will also notice that they finish it in less time as they are less reluctant. 

4. Understand Their Needs

Apart from the usual issues like interest in other things, your child might have different needs. Know whether the tasks are not suited to their skills, or if they are lagging in areas apart from schoolwork. Adolescence can be confusing, with hormonal changes or any personality issues. Understanding your child’s needs is your duty and top priority.

5. Do Not Let Them Overwork

Doing the tasks at a stretch can negatively affect their brain cells and cause them to feel drowsy or tired. Ensure that your child gets enough time to sleep every day. In addition to plenty of shut-eye time, your child also needs to relax between the work. So, before starting a new activity, allow him or her to take a break. 

6. Prepare Them Mentally

Even if your child wants to finish the work on time, there may be some distractions in the home environment. For instance, loud music, television, or electronic devices within their reach may tempt them and reduce their concentration. So, take precautions to keep such distractions at bay and let them have an uninterrupted ambiance. 

7. Give Them Daily Chores

Motivate your child to participate in different tasks in and around the house. Make them learn something every day and improve their focus. Small chores like making their beds help them out in the long run, too. Appreciate them when they seem to do something on their own, even if it is making a sandwich. 

8. Time Their Goals

Kids, like adults, seem to work well when there is a deadline. So, instead of giving them random tasks without a time limit, ask them to finish a task by a reasonable hour. Do this every day and this should motivate them to compete with themselves. Their thirst to stay ahead of others and themselves will keep them interested in their tasks. 

9. Play Brain Games

There are many word games, puzzles, riddles, and board games available in the market that can increase your child’s concentration. Some games need detailed planning and strategic moves to win, like chess. Check online for memory games that sharpen their memory as well as strengthen their focus and concentration.

10. Develop A Disciplined Lifestyle

Learning discipline at an early age is very important as it helps the body function well. Kids are typically brimming with energy that needs a healthy outlet. So, ensure that their playtime consists of ample physical activity like running or some kind of sports. Along with this, give them a healthy diet full of protein, carbohydrates, fresh fruits, and vegetables. 

Following these tips will help your child exude unwavering attention in every task he or she undertakes.

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