10 Tips to Make Sure Your Child is Never Late to School

Bath, uniform, school bag packed, lunch, snack, water bottle, shoes on and out of the door. Breakfast also! I have no idea how every morning we make it on time to school. Here are a few parent-approved tips to get the kids to school on time every day.

Tip 1:-

Organize and have one area for each of your kids to hang their stuff when they get back from school every day so that you don’t spend time trying to sort out between your kid’s things the next morning.

Tip 2:-

Layout the clothes, accessories, and shoes the night before so that you are not hunting for stuff in the morning or noticing that they don’t have clean uniforms or that they have not been ironed.

 Tip 3:-

Discuss the lunch and snack menu and try to do some of the prep work the night before. That will save you a lot of time thinking up dishes when you are rushed in the morning and short of time.

 Tip 4:-

Go through and check the school diary the night before to make sure you haven’t missed any information the teacher sent or homework. It also helps to sign the notices and answer sheets the night before so that you have time to go through the mistakes or points with your child and not rush through it.

 Tip 5:-

Alarm clocks help a great deal not just for you but also to get kids into the habit of keeping an eye on time from an early age. This makes them more mindful of being on time and better at time management.

 Tip 6:- 

Breakfast is one of the most important meals if no the most important meal of the day. Make sure that your child never rushes to school on an empty stomach. Keep it simple so that it is less pressure on you.

 Tip 7:-

Make sure school bags are packed at night before bedtime. This saves a lot of running around searching for misplaced text and notebooks. Teaching kids to pay attention to their calendars and packing accordingly also makes sure that no unnecessary books are carried increasing the weight of the bag.

 Tip 8:-

Incentivize your kid to be on time with points every day that they can accumulate to buy their favorite book or video game. Also, make sure to deduct points when they are late and penalize them for delays with household chores or other activities around the house.

 Tip 9:-

One of the most important things is to set a bedtime for kids. If they get a good night’s rest you won’t have trouble waking them in the morning. They will be well-rested and ready full of energy to take on the day.

 Tip 10:-

As parents, we always need to keep ourselves organized so that the kids don’t get late because of us. They will get demotivated if we are the cause of their delay. 

Hope these tips help you as much as they help me get my kids to school on time everyday rain or shine!  

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