5 Activities You Should Do With Your Children This Winter

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Play Activities For Young Kids And Toddlers
5 Things To Do When You Are Bored In The Winter
Fun Things To Do On A Snowy Day Inside
Fun Things To Do With The Kids Outside

Playtime is a crucial aspect of the overall development of a child. So much so that the UN has enshrined the right to play as children’s universal right. Play can help children develop their imagination, creativity, and social skills. So, if you are researching activities for children that can increase focus and concentration, scientific thinking, and self-worth, read below.

Play Activities For Young Kids And Toddlers

What to do when you are bored in the winter depends on the age of your children. Play is the best way to get them to stay active this winter. But the first thing to understand is that not any kind of activity will do.

1. Play must not feel like work. It should help keep kids busy, yet it must be fun and enjoyable.

2. Make an effort to find fantastic ways of being spontaneous and voluntary.

3. It should improve the quality of family time and should not have set goals.

4. The chosen activities for children should have a fictional or make-believe element to help them in learning new things.

Now that we have the essentials down, let us have a look at the top fun things to do with kids in winter.

5 Things To Do When You Are Bored In The Winter

Winter brings heavy snow in some areas, and it may not be a good idea to indulge in outdoor activities. However, if there is no snow or if it is not a rainy day, you make take the kids outside. In view of this, here we have two kinds of play activities.

Fun Things To Do With The Kids Outside

1. Character Play And Dress-Up

When you hear “dressing up,” the phrase may bring up images of little girls in their Cinderella dresses and hosting a tea party. You may be right there, but role play is not only for girls. Boys, too, can pretend that they are characters from their favorite shows, or as a professional like doctor or sportsperson.
Dress-up projects can be great cold-weather activities for toddlers they encourage imagination and expression. Besides, it also inculcates in them a sense of responsibility as they learn to prepare for primary school.

2. Games To Improve Their Senses
(A) Color Wheel

One primary aspect of interest for kids when they are outdoors is the vibrant color palette they get to see. You can bring these colors inside of your home, and make them feel less confined. For instance, give them a crayon set, painting tools, and some papers to work their magic. Other excellent indoor winter activities for kids involve building blocks, jigsaw puzzles, and such.

These can help jog their sensory functioning as they recognize and differentiate between colors, shapes, and sizes. Other sensory plays recommended are the board or word writing games, which stimulate their reasoning skills. In addition, they also educate them about sharing and patience as they wait for their turn.

(B) Playdough And Putty

Even adults love to make a snowman or play outdoors. But all these things may not be possible for toddlers. Yet, there are many fun things to do in winter without snow, indoors. You can indulge your kids in games involving making stuff with playdough in the privacy of your home. Children can learn fine-motor skills and strengthen their fingers by threading beads onto the dough and making small-shaped, familiar items.

(C) Cooking, Dancing, And Singing

Kids tend to learn by imitation, especially from what they see at home. When they see their parents cooking or watch dance or music shows on television, they would like to try the same. If you are not comfortable teaching them to cook in your kitchen, you can get them a play kitchen set to pretend-cook.

Listening to music, learning the lyrics and pronunciation develops their language. Dancing works all the body parts and helps them count their steps. So, these things can be good winter activities for children.

Fun Things To Do With The Kids Outside

3. Activities To Improve Motor Skills

When the weather permits, you can take the kids outside to play in the yard or a park. Swinging, jumping, or climbing the accessories in the park or running with their friends can be entertaining to kids. In addition, playing in the sand and building things by digging and scooping will build muscles and develop their motor skills and self-confidence. These activities for children also help them understand the science behind the items of daily use.

4. Elements Of Nature

Outdoor winter activities for preschoolers should not be devoid of natural elements. It is alright to think of their safety, but once in a while, allow them to roll around in mud or water. Water activities like swimming can also be conducted in a safe environment. Being in the great outdoors, amidst trees will help them be inquisitive about the environment, and they become more independent.

5. Imaginative Play

Whether you choose activities to do with toddlers indoors or outdoors, imagination plays a vital role. Give a few things to children and let them choose among them and start a make-belief story or act out a situation. One easy and the most common thing kids tend to build out of a cardboard box is a fort. They like to pretend that they are ruling a kingdom, which they must protect. These activities not only help them handle boredom effectively but also lets them be engineers for the time being.

In a larger group with a handful of friends, children can also use their imagination and try to create their own rules for a well-known game, such as hide-and-seek.

Lack of interactive fun can put a damper on the spirit of kids. Moreover, it may be hard for parents to come up with new ways to keep children entertained in the cold months. So, the above activities for children can help you keep them active and energetic in the winter.

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