50 Best Story Books for Kindergarten Kids

One of the fun and exciting things about teaching kindergarten is that you get to introduce young children to a world of fantasy with the bestselling new books and old classics for kids.

As teachers, we believe that you would like to keep your classroom atmosphere filled with joy and see that kids have a great time at school. 

So, here we give you a list of the 50 best story books for kindergarten students that are even available on Amazon. Read them aloud yourself or let them take turns to participate in a read-aloud story activity hour. 

Without further ado, let us dive in.

1. Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion (Author: Alex T. Smith)

On the top of the list, we have this amazing book that can take kids into a world of fantasy where they get to enjoy an inspiring and energetic rendition of a fractured fairy tale. The book is about Little Redheads wading through the jungle to get to their aunt and deliver her medicine.

2. Winter Is Here, When Spring Comes, In the Middle of Fall, and Summer Song (Authors: Kevin Henkes and Laura Dronzek)

We couldn’t just pick one favourite among these titles that are apt for reading in any weather and any season of the year. The books feature adorable illustrations that can capture the minds of young readers.

3. We Don’t Eat Our Classmates (Author: Ryan T. Higgins)

The title is so comical that it really clicks with the children, instantly. We all do impulsive things, especially kindergarteners; and as does Penelope, the main character in the book. What happens to her and her friends can be a good lesson to learn all about impulse control.

 4. A Busy Creature’s Day Eating (Author: Mo Willems)

Kindergarten story books are never complete without the alphabet books, and this one is particularly funny. Kids can learn about what foods are good and what foods make them sick.

5. All Are Welcome (Author: Alexandra Penfold)

Kids meet all sorts of children and families on their first day. This book can prepare them to interact with new people and make friendships. 

6. Elmore (Author: Holly Hobbie)

Another book on the same lines as the previous one – this teaches about how to be a good friend in a new place. Read about a spiky porcupine that struggles to adjust.

7. The Little Red Fort (Author: Brenda Maier)

Seems like red is the favourite for kindergarteners! Read about Ruby who accidentally spies an amazing fort and seeks help from her brothers to build it.

8. Boo Who? (Author: Ben Clanton)

If you have loved the Rex Wrecks It books, you will adore this new addition: the gang finds a new friend -Boo.

9. Thank You, Omu! (Author: Oge Mora) 

Omu makes a thick, red stew – that is the story. What happens when visitors enjoy the stew’s delicious smell? Does Omu give them some to eat? This can teach kids about sharing.

10. Baabwaa and Wooliam: A Tale of Literacy, Dental Hygiene, and Friendship (Author: David Elliott) 

A must-have addition in your classroom shelf, this funny book celebrates reading and explains the importance of dental hygiene.

11. I Wrote You a Note (Author: Lizi Boyd)

As a teacher, your job will become easy as kids learn how to write a letter.

12. A School Like Mine: A Celebration of Schools Around the World (From DK Publishing)

All the best story books for kindergarten students teach about school and how fun learning can be. Likewise, this is a gripping story that kids do not put down. 

13. Hey, Water! (Author: Antoinette Portis)  

Let kids learn how important water is as one of the most necessary natural resources.

14. Frida Kahlo and Her Animalitos (Author: Monica Brown)

Kids familiar with colours, brush strokes, and paint stains, will love to know about the pets and animals of artist Frida Kahlo.

15. Saturday (Author: Oge Mora) 

Another great book by children’s author Oge Mora that talks about the loving bond between a mother and her daughter.

16. One Fox: A Counting Book Thriller (Author: Kate Read)

What is it about the attraction between kids and pets? This thriller has a suspenseful storyline and all the main parts are played by animals. 

17. How Much Does a Ladybug Weigh? (Author: Alison Limentani)

We all know that children only learn when you present subjects in a fun and interactive way. So, here is your chance! Teach them how to measure weights.

18. Detective Gordon series (Author: Ulf Nilsson)

Kids love secrets, don’t they? More than that, they love to investigate mysteries. The ‘what’s, who’s, and the how’s’ – are all the major elements that are a part of this book.

19. Lucia the Luchadora (Author: Cynthia Leonor Garza)

Learn about Mexican culture, the Lucha libre tradition, and how girls can do anything boys can – even be a superhero!

20. Crescent Moons and Pointed Minarets: A Muslim Book of Shapes

Speaking of cultures, it is important to let kids explore every global tradition and faith, so they can grow up to be world citizens. With unique artwork, this book explains the intricate design elements of architecture.

21. Jabari Jumps (Author: Gaia Cornwall)

Ah! Every child’s dream: to jump higher and higher. Imagine Jabari jumping off a pool diving board. This is a motivating story about achieving goals. 

22. Birthdays Around the World (Author: Margriet Ruurs)

Another book that points to the fact that the world is diverse. Learn about global traditions and how children celebrate birthdays in other countries.

23. Peek-Through Picture Books (Author: Britta Teckentrup)

Education can be fun with artistic pictures, even in a nonfiction book. 

24. The Jack Books (Author: Mac Barnett)

This book is great to teach kids to read on their own. With short sentences and drawing tutorials, they can try their hands at creativity.

25. Runny Babbit Returns: Another Billy Sook (Author: Shel Silverstein)

Let’s face it: tongue twisters are fun, especially when kids watch their friends try and fail at pronouncing them.

26. Pink is For Boys (Author: Robb Pearlman)

Gender equality is a big thing and it is better for kids to learn it early in life, starting at a young age.

27. The Rabbit Listened (Author: Cori Doerrfeld)

Arguing gets kids nowhere, especially with elders. This book teaches how to be calm and the importance of listening.

28. High Five (Author: Adam Rubin)

Kids love poems and rhyming; they are like songs, but for kids. Read a hilarious account of an ultra-competitive championship.

29. National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Science (Author: Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld)

A picture book that gives away the secrets of successful scientists is perfect for the studious type (yeah, they exist even in kindergarten) to help them learn science topics.

30. The Giggle Gang Books (Author: Jan Thomas)

With easy content and plenty of giggle-worthy stories, the Giggle Gang are sort of mini-lessons in themselves.

31. Izzy Gizmo (Author: Pip Jones)

Izzy Gizmo is an inspiration to all. She is determined to help an injured crow and with the help of her encouraging Grandpa and her gadgets, she can achieve anything. 

32. Round (Author: Joyce Sidman)

One of the best story books for kindergarten children, Round is thought-provoking and asks kids to look for scientific answers.

33. A Piglet Named Mercy (Author: Kate DiCamillo)

Mercy Watson is a piglet that arrives at a stranger’s doorstep. What happens next? Learn all about the piglet’s life in a perfectly illustrated book.

34. Water Land: Land and Water Forms Around the World (Author: Christy Hale)

Paper cut-outs that open up and form sort of 3D images give valuable information about land and water forms.

35. Living and Nonliving Things: A Compare and Contrast Book (Author: Kevin Kurtz)

What things around you have life and what are non-living things? If you ask such questions, your students may not be able to answer just yet. So, allow them to explore with this guide in their hands. 

36. I Do Not Like Books Anymore! (Author: Daisy Hirst)

Some kids may not like to read, but only wish to run and play. For the children who think that kindergarten books are boring, it is good to find a relatable book. 

37. Bright Owl Short Vowel books (Author: Molly Coxe)

Speech and phonics talk by adorable little animals? Kids will line up to request you for a copy of this book.  

38. One Big Pair of Underwear (Author: Laura Gehl)

This book introduces kids how to organize their stuff better, both at school and at home. 

39. That Neighbor Kid (Author: Daniel Miyares)

A girl meets a new neighbour in her free time. One little “Hi” goes a long way and they end up becoming best buddies. They even build a treehouse together!

40. What Color is Night? (Author: Grant Snider)

In a few simple words, kids can question everything around them, and nothing is beyond their reach. This poetry book with night-themed content helps inspire them to look closely at everything and keep their curiosity intact.

41. The Word Collector (Author: Peter H. Reynolds)

You have heard about collecting coins, stamps, and comic books. But here is a student who collects words. Read about the unique mindset of Jerome and how good his vocabulary is. 

42. Do Not Lick This Book (Author: Iden Ben-Barak)

This book about personal hygiene, germs, and handwashing speaks at the basic level of a kindergartner, which is why it connects with kids all over the world. 

43. What’s Your Favorite Bug?  (Author: Eric Carle and Friends)

Children need to explore various aspects of learning: arts, music, poetry, and more. With the signature artwork of author Eric Carle, children get answers to their everyday queries. 

44. Things to Do (Author: Elaine Magliaro)

When animals and nature speak, it is a thing of beauty altogether. Read about common objects talking in free-verse poems and help kids visualize.

45. Lubna and Pebble (Author: Wendy Meddour)

Kids get a pretty good picture of what’s going on at the national level, be it in news or from their peers. So, there is no need to shield them from tough topics. Help them develop reading skills and an interest in global affairs, but start small, such as making them read this book about a refugee. 

46. Thank You, Earth: A Love Letter to Our Planet (Author: April Pulley Sayre)

A great choice for your read-aloud session, where kids can share adorable thank you letters the author writes to the earth.

47. Anywhere Farm (Author: Phyllis Root)

Introduce kids to agricultural concepts, how food is made, where it comes from, and more. Help them raise plants at the school if space is available.

48. The Doctor With an Eye for Eyes: The Story of Patricia Bath (Author: Julia Finley Mosca)

You say gender equality, but how do kids understand? Books like these help them to learn about sensory organs and complex biological information, all in interesting rhymes.

49. Barkus (Author: Patricia MacLachlan)

Allow kids to read the parts of the dog and the owner. With wholesome content throughout the book, there is no doubt that unlimited comedy ensues.

50. The Princess in Black series (Author: Shannon Hale)

Let us end with one of the best story books for kindergarten that also offers colourful illustrations. This is an astonishing fantasy book about superheroes, monsters, princesses, and more – all crucial elements bundled up together to cater to the tastes of every child.

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