How To Avoid Procrastination When Exams Are Around The Corner

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Even the most studious and well-organized persons can fall victim to procrastination. At some point, you may have found yourself saying: “not now, some other time” or “will get to this in a bit”. You may be busy with other work when you must study, or you push back homework to watch some TV show.

If you do this once in a while, it is alright. But if this behavior becomes regular, beware of this pattern. Here we give some ways to help you focus better, especially when exams are near.


Most scientifically-proven strategies point to one main thing: avoid distractions. If you procrastinate when exams are around the corner, follow below steps to get your focus back:

1. Start By Dealing With Your Fear

It is human psychology to fret over the unknown – you may be afraid of what result you might see. This fear may be a big obstruction to your success. You should remember that it is a very common thing to not have the motivation to study at all times. 

Fear can be a great motivation, which will allow you to push yourself harder and accomplish difficult tasks. But again, it can also be your biggest hurdle. 

First, understand that your procrastinating stage is not going to last. Get to your tasks one after the other, by studying in short bursts. 

Research proves that this “spaced learning” allows your mind to create memories while studying and give the needed attention to all the things.

2. Keep Your Tasks Organised

Make a to-do list of your tasks and the resources you have to accomplish them. If there is a deadline, prepare a plan to assign time for each project. Try not to underestimate the subjects even if you think they are easy. Allocate proper timeframes and summarize this information.

Successful and tried-and-tested strategies for overcoming procrastination involve addressing every difficulty with a different approach. So, view each topic separately and find the method that works best.

3. Divide The Projects Into Small Chunks

Studying the whole year’s syllabus before exams may seem overwhelming. That is because you look at a project as a whole. Instead, look at it as a group of smaller topics and you will know how to overcome procrastination

Try breaking a project into a series of small chunks and work on each segment. Put different topics under various categories and accomplish individual tasks. 

For instance, when you need to turn in a paper for your class, start doing it part by part. Step one can be finding the resources, step two may be noting down the main points. The next steps may include elaborating each subsection and then finally, put it all together. 

4. Prevent Procrastination From Setting In

One sure-shot way to overcome procrastination is to prevent it from setting in. If you notice that feelings of lethargy have started to occur, pay close attention. Understand the flow of your thoughts and observe the patterns, such as what times they occur or is any incident setting off such ideas.

For example, sitting down to study just after you have had your lunch may make you drowsy. Such study timings are bound to be met with laziness. Even if you postpone urgent work for one minute, know that you may start procrastinating sometime soon.

Instead of giving in because you don’t know how to overcome procrastination, the most effective way is to just do it. Even forcibly, get yourself to focus for a few minutes. Your laziness will melt away and you will develop motivation.

5. Stay Away From Distractions

Being a student is a developmental time of your life and the most easily-influenced stage. Hence, you are more likely to get distracted by outside influences. 

For instance, students are habituated to update their minute-by-minute statuses on social media. Or, you may have a book in your hand, but your eyes may be on the television.

Such distractions make it hard to focus your attention on any real work. Needless to say, you must keep away from those when you start studying. 

Assign a period to study, and be consistent every day until your exam date.

Use noise-canceling headphones or earplugs to avoid unwanted sounds, chatter, or music.

Delete all the gaming apps on your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

Request your family not to disturb you during your study schedule.

Do not receive any phone calls or messages from your friends until you finish your goal for the day. 

Cut off your access to the internet and television.

6. Take Short Breaks And Do Something Fun

While you should remain focused, it is also not good for your health to sit down for long hours and squint at your school books. Doing so can result in a burnout, which makes you forget what you had learned. 

You can and should take a break from time to time. In fact, if you search for how to get rid of laziness while studying, most tips offer the same solution. 

We have mentioned how to categorize your work into bite-size portions. So, even if you finish a small segment, reward yourself by taking a short break. 

This time should be only for relaxation, but you must not put unnecessary stress on your eyes or mind. Indulge in taking a short walk, or play your guitar for a few minutes and get back to your subjects – totally refreshed.


There is no set menu on how to overcome procrastination that suits everyone. You just need to explore and find a routine that fits you. Although breaking the procrastination habit may not be easy, with the help of the above tips, you can overcome those tendencies.

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