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NCERT Mathematics With Magic Practice Workbook For Class 4


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NCERT Mathematics With Magic Practice Workbook For Class 4


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Practice Workbook Series puts into practice the syllabus in line with CBSE for course preparation and revision to impart affective learning. Intelligence is not only in knowledge but also in the skill to use it; and skill comes with practice. Each book covers topics in different variety of questions like MCQs, Fill in the Blanks, True-False, Matching, VSA, SA, LA, etc. Mathematics Practice Workbook for Class 4 rd is equally useful for classroom and home study. Book covers all 14 Chapters with Answer Sheets at the closing of the book that evaluates extent of learning.
Table of ContentBuilding with Bricks, Long & Short, A Trip to Bhopal, Tick-Tick- Tick, The Way The World Looks, The Junk Seller, Jugs & Mugs, Carts & Wheels, Halves & Quarters, Play with Patterns, Tables & Shares, How Heavy How Light, Fields & Fences and Smart Charts


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